Reasons why you should visit the Kenyan coast

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Kenya’s 1,420-kilometer coastline has a lot to offer from marine parks, islands to a metropolis. The Indian ocean coast with mangroves, coconut palms and the tropical climate is nice to visit for a vacation. Whether you are Kenyan or not, Sylgam would advise you take some time off to visit this charming place. Here are some more reasons why you should.


If you are looking for a metropolitan location, you can check out Mombasa which is Kenya’s second biggest city. Visit the historically rich old town and learn about the diverse population and cuisine. Mombasa offers everything from luxury resorts to budget beaches and restaurants with scenic views of the ocean. You can use Mombasa as a starting point for your Kenyan beach tour.

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The coast has many islands, but we will mention just 5 for now.

  • Mombasa – metropolitan and close to well serviced Nyali and Bamburi beaches.
  • Funzi – 70 kilometers south of Mombasa and 2 kilometers into the ocean is rich with a mangrove forest and a white sand beach.
  • Wasini – known for its dolphins, beautiful coral and nice footpaths.
  • Lamu – a UNESCO world heritage site. Visit the nice old town, unique town houses and the deserted beach.
  • Chale – beautiful white sand beaches, thick vegetation and good resorts.
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Marine Parks

If you are interested in marine life, this coast is a good place for you. Of course, all coasts have marine life, but what makes this place unique is how things have been organized for the visitor. There are several Marine parks including one each in Malindi, Watamu, Kisite Mpunguti and Mombasa. Journeys to these parks are scenic and they all have nice corals some of which are exposed at low tide. There are also large varieties of fish and well-developed water sports facilities.

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The Weather

There is a noticeable difference between the weather on the coast and in Nairobi. While Nairobi may be cold during parts of the year and mostly at night, coastal areas like Mombasa are usually warm and humid. The tropical weather makes the coastline ideal for a holiday and relaxation, you just need a T-Shirt and you are set.

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The Food

Okay! There is seafood on every coast in the world, agreed. But Kenya and especially Mombasa and Lamu are different. These coastal areas have a long history of multiple ethnic cultures and this has affected the variety of meals available. There is a mix of African, Arab and European dishes with a unique taste of spices. Trading in these unique spices was a huge trade in the past and this has left a mark on their cuisine.


Kenyan never ceases to amaze, with its abundant inland parks and scenic Indian ocean coast. The coastal communities have a rich history which has perfectly matched the diverse natural endowments of the long coastline. Take a trip and if you need any advice you can reach out to Sylgam.

by Gameli Akakpo on September 10, 2018