Visit Kenya

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Visit the following top locations with us:

  • Amboseli National Park
  • Mombasa
  • Maasai Mara National Park
  • Lake Naivasha
  • Lake Nakuru
  • Tsavo National Parks
  • Samburu National Reserve
  • Hell’s Gate National Park

And many more.

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These parks are full of rare and amazing wildlife and also have great scenery. The Tsavo East and West National Parks also have a wide variety of animals including elephants, crocodiles, and hippos. These parks make up one of Kenya’s largest protected zones.


We can also arrange visits to any tourist location of your choice.

Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya
Giraffe 's head standing out from the bush. Safari in Tsavo West, Kenya, Africa

On a trip to Kenya, you will get the opportunity enjoy the beauty of the amazing beaches on the coast of Mombasa. You can go camping by the Lake Naivasha and enjoy the beautiful cuisine at restaurants close by. Other beautiful lakes like the Lake Turkana and the Lake Nakuru are also beautiful tourist sites in Kenya with a lot of scenery and wildlife. You will also get the opportunity to tour many wildlife like  Maasai Mara National Park and the Hell’s Gate National Park.

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animal, nature and wildlife concept - male lions resting in maasai mara national reserve savannah at africa


We can arrange any trip for you based on your needs

Current packages

  • Amboseli National Park Tour
  • Baobab Beach Resort
  • Maasai Mara National Park Tour
  • Camping at Lake Naivasha
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