Travel ideas for the Christmas season

During the Christmas season you spend a lot of time with family and enjoy those best meals and moments together. It is a good idea to add a great trip. You could go to places with a spectacular Christmas vibe and Sylgam has selected a few destinations worth trying.

The Kalahari Desert – Botswana

After rains in the months before, the Kalahari offers surprising vegetation and ‘greens’ over Christmas. You are likely to spot grazing wildlife like zebras, buffalo, wildebeest and springbok. During this season you may also spot the animals giving birth to their offspring and creating territories. The timing of these births is remarkable because it happens just when there is a lot of food and water to feed the newborns. It is also a time for a lot of ‘predatory activity’ where you will see the big cats and wild dogs hunt down prey near eating and drinking spots.

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Calabar – Nigeria

If you are the party type this maybe the place for you. The Calabar carnival offers that opportunity for a street party where the whole family can enjoy, and you can show your kids some dance moves. Some call it Africa’s biggest street party. There is amazing food on display during the festival and your kids can enjoy some water games at some of the resorts in the city. You could reserve sometime for a visit to the Afi mountain wildlife center for chimpanzees and the endangered cross river gorilla. Calabar is in south eastern Nigeria and is blessed with the calabar and great kwa rivers.

The Serengeti – Tanzania

There are lots of green places around this time and you will witness herds of wildebeest heading for the great plains. This offers lots of opportunities 😊 to watch the big cats who waste no time in showing off their predatory skills. The weather is super warm and if you are looking to escape cold regions this may be the right destination for you. At this time great migration would have reached southern Serengeti and the Ngorongoro crater. It is a good idea to get a hot air balloon safari because you can see the migrations and the vast greens from above. Finally, December is a great month to watch birds because migratory birds would have arrived from cold regions in Europe to seek some warmth.

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Nairobi – Kenya

If you are looking for that metropolitan Christmas, you can try Nairobi. Here your family can join one of the many church services on Christmas eve and day. Next you can go for a picnic at the Uhuru park which at the heart of the city and has excellent playgrounds for the kids. If want to know about Kenyan history visiting the Nairobi National museum is a good idea and the kids are sure to enjoy it. For those who like to spend time in the wild you can try hiking at the Karura forest or the Nairobi national park.


If you want a ‘beachy’ Christmas holiday this could be the place. With warm weather and lots of sun in December, Seychelles offers that holiday atmosphere you need. You could sail from the mainland to the other islands or set base on the beach and enjoy some coconuts from the Vallee de Mai. Maybe a day on the La Digue island sounds good for those interested in car free islands. Seychelles has one of the most developed tourism markets in Africa and quality is nearly assured. It is a good destination for that quality Christmas vacation you have desired for your family.

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Christmas is a time for the family to come together and treat itself to good meals and lots of fun. It is also an opportunity to visit one of the locations Sylgam has named in this article. This offers you a chance to enjoy the family time at a new location and create some good memories. Make it a December to remember.

by Gameli Akakpo on December 16, 2018