Top Spots to visit on Ghana’s Western Coast

Ghana’s western coast stretches from Accra through Cape Coast to New Town, near the Ivory Coast. When driving this route, you will notice the coastal line with many Towns-Villages, Coconut Plantations, Mangroves and Fish Markets. This stretch is one of the top tourist routes in Ghana with Beaches, Castles/Forts and Resorts popular with Locals and Tourists. In this Blog article, Sylgam will list some of the interesting places you should visit.


It is important to include the numerous Castles/Forts in the descriptions of Ghana’s history. Most of these are on the Western coast, including two of the largest Castles in Cape Coast and Elmina. There are several forts which have been well preserved including one in Dixcove and another in Princess Town. A visit to these Castles/Forts will serve as a good lesson in history especially Gold and Slave trade in the 20th century. Their locations are scenic and good for your Camera’s too 😊.

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Exciting Beaches

There are many beaches which are packed on holidays and weekends. Here you can swim and enjoy the affordable and authentic food. They are many, from Kasoa which is close to Accra, to Winneba, Gomoa, Cape Coast and all the way to Busua (after Takoradi). Many locals and tourists visit these beaches every weekend and report good stuff about the quality food and variety of activities on offer.

Variety of Good Hotels

The serene nature of the coast makes hotels an escape point for people who want some peace from the traffic of cities like Accra etc. There is increasingly a good list of beach resorts like Lou Moon and Busua Beach resort. There are also many nice places for workshops and team building like Elmina beach resort, Coconut Grove and others. If you want Eco-lodges there are places like Fantas Folly.

Calm and Isolated Beaches

The Western region is known to have some of the most serene beaches in Ghana. As one drives away from Accra the coastal populations become less crowded and you can view the spacious coasts lined with coconut trees. After Takoradi these beaches become even more serene with a few villages and hotels along the way. In some of these hotels you can camp on the beach or sleep outside throughout the night while you watch the interesting lights from the fishing canoes.

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Unique Food

Oh, let’s begin with Fish! There all kinds of fish the fishermen bring back daily and you will get the chance to buy them fresh. If you want to cook yourself you can just go there with an Ice Chest and get the best for yourself or if you don’t want to cook, well you could try the many restaurants along the coast. The Coconut sold here is fresh, you can even select it from the tree. The communities living along this coast have some nice Dishes like Ampesi with Garden Egg stew, Fante-Fante and Etew. The food topic deserves a whole new Blog Article because they are a lot 😊.

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With good planning you can enjoy these top spots and many others within 3-4 days. This will include enough time to swim, walk the serene beaches, get the best Seafood and visit the stilt village of Nzulezu which is just about 30 minutes from the coastal town of Benyin. Sylgam encourages readers to visit these spots and explore Ghana. Travel helps us improve knowledge of our world. 

by Gameli Akakpo on March 11, 2019