Top Places to visit in the Volta Region of Ghana

If you are looking to spend a few days in the far eastern part of Ghana, Sylgam has a list of places we would recommend to you. There is enough variety including mountains, wetlands, the coast, grasslands, the Volta lake and beautiful arts like pottery in Vume.


Lagoon, Birds, Ocean

This is a town situated between a lagoon and the Atlantic Ocean. Driving through Keta is beautiful, with nice views of the Ocean and the lagoon. There are restaurants and hotels along the coast and on the lagoon which we would highly recommend. The town has a rich history dating back to the 14th century as a trade hub with a fort later built there by the Danes. Check out our blog article for a comprehensive history of this calm town.

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Ada Foah

River, Mangroves, Ocean

Ada is a town situated along the estuary of the Volta river and the Atlantic Ocean. There are a good number of hotels and resorts that allow you to use speed boats and canoes to explore the river and see the estuary. It is beautiful to see the vast river, the perfect mangroves and the well-built along the river. You will also have opportunity to see how important the river is for local communities.


Mountain, Waterfall, Forest

If you love green, this is your home. Amedzofe is a township at a peak of 750 m and the highest settlement in Ghana. Driving through this place is breathtaking as it would make you wonder how the people settled at such a high peak just like you would on a flat plain. There is, even more, to see, with Mount Gemi, Abadzame falls and the endless rich forest all around. Hiking and biking here would be great.

Wli Falls

Water Falls, Springs, Forest

The 143-meter-high waterfall features on our list of top sites to visit in Ghana. The walk to the fall is refreshing as one crosses several streams and experiences a dense forest. You can swim at the foot of the waterfall and enjoy the music sometimes provided by traveling groups. Of course, you can also go there with your drums and anything for the music.

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Mount Afadzato

Mountain, Forest

This is a good climb and is not difficult. At 885 meters Afadzato is the highest mountain in Ghana and overlooks Togo. It is part of a long range of mountains covered by forests along Ghana and Togo. At the peak of the Mountain, you can sit and have good look at the surrounding villages. We recommend you take binoculars with you and you will enjoy the views.

Tafi – Atome and Abuipe

Monkeys, Art (fashion)

The Tafi Atome monkey sanctuary is rich with beautiful, abundant and friendly monkeys who are used to humans. The best time to visit is in the morning and please go with some Bananas to experience the monkeys playing on your hands just to get some of your bananas. Tafi Abuipe is one of the two well-known Kente weaving towns in Ghana. Weaving has been their trade for generations and this, as well documented in the town museum.

Drive from Keta to Dzita

Lagoon, Ocean, mangroves, Fishing, Farming

This drive will allow you to see towns right in between the Keta lagoon and the Atlantic Ocean. You will see how farming along the lagoon is done and the beautiful mangrove waterways with canoes meandering their ways through during high tide. Cap this off by staying at a beach hotel and catching the sunset at dinner and sunrise during breakfast.

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With a 3-5 day stay in the Volta region, one can visit all the sites listed above and a few more. The mountains, forests, and wetlands in the region in addition to the calm towns makes it great for relaxing holidays. The nice hiking routes and shores also make it great for exercise-oriented holidays. Sylgam recommends you visit the Volta region. It is only 1.5 hours’ drive from Accra.

by Gameli Akakpo on November 1, 2018