Top Places to visit in Namibia

Namibia offers many natural wonders in one place. A desert, ocean, large salt pans or abundant wildlife? Just name it. In this blog post, SYLGAM makes a pick of some of the top places to visit in this beautiful land.

We can start in the South of the country with…

Fish River Canyon

This is the second largest Canyon in the world. It covers 160 kilometers and has depths of up to 550 meters and is 27 kilometers wide. In the rainy season, rivers meander through the naturally carved paths creating a spectacular view from a high point. There is an 80-kilometer hiking trail here for those who want to see everything on foot, but you can also ask tour firms for a helicopter ride.


And for adventure on the Coast, we present to you….


Located in the Namib-Naukluft National Park, this is the most popular strip of sand in the country. Famous for its orange-red dunes and remarkable sunrise, Sossusvlei has ancient Acacia trees and the world’s tallest dunes some of which are 325 meters tall. It is the most visited tourist site in Namibia, but by its size, it still means you can sometimes be completely alone. So, if you want a peaceful and quiet place, try this.

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This was a prolific mining town. But today one only sees what is left of it. The remains of the abandoned town buildings and cars are now partly covered in sand. It also has houses with rooms and bathtubs half-filled with sand and old rusty cars which really look nice and there is a population of wild horses in this ‘Ghost town’. The nearest city is Luderitz, which has well-preserved buildings and streets from the German colonial era.



If you ever want to see the desert meeting the ocean, try this place. This city can be foggy because of the warm winds from the desert meeting the cold ocean wind. But the dunes of the desert are clear and nice with lots of activities offered, including quad biking and (dune) climbing. If you always thought deserts are without life, well, not in Namibia.

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The Skeleton Coast

The name may sound unusual, but the nicknames are even more interesting 😊. Legend has it that is was dangerous to navigate your ship past this coast many years ago. Some refer to it as a coastal wilderness and you can still find some shipwrecks here. One more interesting thing is that it hosts a large colony of seals − more than 200 000.



The Northern and Northwest parts of Namibia are literally the paradise of wildlife and attractive sites. Here, you find…

The Etosha National Park

This is filled with a rich variety of wildlife including the BIG FIVE Animals of Africa, i.e. elephant, black rhinoceros, cape buffalo, lion, and an African leopard. The park also has a rich variety of antelopes (including oryxes) as well as cheetahs, giraffes, and zebras. It boasts of a white salt pan, forming a lake after good rains and attracting even pink flamingos. Etosha means ‘the great white place’ referring to the salty pans endemic to the area. It is a popular destination for first-time travelers to Namibia who want to experience wildlife all in one location.

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This area borders to the west of the Etosha Park and stretches right into the dry Namib desert. It is home to some of the distinct plant species, like Welwitschia mirabilis, one of the oldest plants in the world, which can survive for up to 2000 years with least water. The Damaraland is also home to a diverse wildlife surviving in a desert including desert oryxes, springbok, desert elephants, and rhinos. Closer to the escarpment, it presents a fascinating landscape with dramatic rock formations such as the Spitzkoppe. The Damaraland is also known in Namibia for being a tourist oasis, boasting with two out the three UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Namibia, that is the Twyfelfontein (a natural fountain), and the petrified forest (wood turned into stone over millions of years). It is also home to the Brandberg, the highest mountain in Namibia, and many other tourist attractions, including a high number of rock art.


In central Namibia, you can never go wrong. Here, we present to you the capital of Namibia…


The capital of Namibia, Windhoek is active with lots of markets and an interesting mix of colonial and African architecture. Visit some of the monuments here like Christuskirche. Don’t forget to grab a cold bottle of ‘Windhoek beer’ a local and popular beer. If you want some grilled meat you can grab some Kapana from Katutura, a prominent suburb of the city.



Namibia is a spacious country with rich wildlife, unique landscapes, and amazing tourism opportunities. SYLGAM would highly recommend it for everyone, especially those who prefer to explore spaces without large crowds around.

by Gameli Akakpo on November 13, 2018