Tips for a Stress-free Vacation

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Vacations need some planning even if the idea is to go out there and relax. You need a free mind before during and after your trip. Sylgam has knocked together a quick list of things you could note if you want to have a vacation to remember

Free your mind – No Guilt

It is yours to enjoy!

The vacation is for you to enjoy and reduce your stress. If you know people who cannot afford a vacation and you feel any guilt for your plan, just get rid of that guilt. The vacation is for you to get rid of your stress and give you a more quality life. Of course, you can get them some gifts and be kind but substituting your vacation may not be a good idea because you may be sacrificing a chance to get yourself some relaxation or excitement.

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Plan It

Remember, you want to reduce stress, reset and have fun!

Not planning or planning in too much detail could both be stressful. Okay! It is clear you need to strike a balance between good planning and flexibility. Is it a relaxation trip, beach holiday, hike, bike tour or just a hideout where you can sleep like a baby? After deciding, check online for places that match this need by reading reviews, ask some friends and decide how you want to get there. If you are traveling with a tour agency, just sit back and relax, they will take care most of the stuff and please make sure they do.

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Leave the daily worries behind

Work and home will be just fine!

While on a vacation, it’s good to avoid checking work emails and worrying about home. Make sure everyone who matters at work is aware you are not there, and you need some privacy. The vacation is for you and not for your employer – You have earned it and do not allow anyone to take it from you by ‘engaging’ you through demanding emails. If you have kids it would be a good idea to have a family trip, it helps you guys bond and build a better family (check our post on why you need vacation).

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Ask locals and experienced people

Get some practical advice!

There are tips you can only get from people who have been to the destination. It could be information about the road, the trails, breakfast at the hotel or how to great locals. Just ask a friend who has been there or asks if they know any local who can show you around. It is a good idea to enrich yourself with some practical information from friends and people who live there.

Take lots of photos 😊

Good, if you love photos!

These days phones can do a great job of taking photos. You can make photos and remind yourself of the good times you had on that vacation. These will be useful in the future because it will bring back the great memories of what you saw or experienced on the trip. Plus, this is an opportunity to make photos of these top locations without worrying about copyrights. You may have seen nice photos of the place online, it is time to get yours and make it a holiday to remember.


A vacation allows you some space and time to reward yourself for all the hard work of the past months. This reward should not turn into a headache because😊 it isn’t part of the plan. At Sylgam we recommend holidaymakers plan and free their minds for vacations whether they are organizing it themselves or joining a tour agency.

by Gameli Akakpo on September 17, 2018