Top Picks for Kenya

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 Kenya offers everything from beautiful long stretches of grasslands, bold mountains, diverse wildlife and marine life to scenic beaches and islands. Whether you are the safari type, the island dreamer, beach fan or lover of mountains you will always find something here. Sylgam made a quick pick of top destinations.

Maasai Mara National Park

For the Safari type!

If you want to understand the word abundant, don’t check the dictionary, just go to Maasai Mara. Oh yeah! There is abundant wildlife to see here and you can observe the annual great migrations of Wildebeests and Zebras. If you want to interact with local communities, you will encounter the Maasai groups with a well-preserved culture. Errm, you have no fear of heights you can try the hot-air balloon which will afford you an opportunity to see everything from above.

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The Coast

For the beach fans and Island dreamers!

You may have seen nice images of Kenyan islands and wondered if it was photo-shopped. Our answer is simple – it’s real. Check out the beautiful Indian ocean islands and marine parks. Kenyan beaches are also nice with white sands and clear waters at low tides. If you want a coastal city experience, go to Mombasa for deserted beaches you could try parts of Lamu. For more on the Kenyan coast check out Sylgam’s blog post on the topic.

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For city dwellers and the safari type!

Nairobi is large city with lots of metropolitan stuff going on, but it has a park to offer. Yes, a park, not a Zoo. The Nairobi national park has a lot to offer including zebras, lions, cheetahs and nice vegetation. The Giraffe center is also interesting for those who love these tall animals, you can feed them and get close. If you like concrete jungles, you can check out the nice malls and diverse restaurants in Westlands.

Nairobi - Top Picks for Kenya

Lake Naivasha – Great Rift Valley

For the safari type and lake lovers!

As the name implies, this lake is a few hours from Naivasha and is teeming with life including rhinos, leopards and lions. The 139-kilometer square lake is part of the famous great rift valley and is its highest elevation. It is well known for its colorful flamingos, especially if you love pink.

Amboseli National Park

For the Safari type and mountain people!

The vast grassland is great for safaris, birdwatching and those who love mountains. The famous Kilimanjaro is in sight and you may have seen photos of its adorable sunset in adverts of Kenyan tourism. The park also has a large variety of wildlife including elephants, cheetahs, leopards and more. The environment is diverse with swamps, forests and a desert.

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Mount Kenya

For those who want to climb a mountain!

You can climb the second highest mountain in Africa and camp at a fee. Situated within the Mount Kenya national park, it is surrounded by a thick forest and moorland making it is one of the most visited places in Kenya. If you want to get to the top of the mountain you need to be ready for the tough but rewarding climb. It is a UNESCO protected site and home of the Mau-Mau Cave which is a national monument because it sheltered freedom fighters.

Lake Nakuru – Great Rift Valley

For safari and lake types!

Also, in the rift valley, this lake has a wide variety of wildlife including buffalo and rhinos. It periodically turns pink and hosts more than a million flamingos who come for the algae. The lake is part of the lake Nakuru national park which is home to lions, giraffes and other animals. By the way, the flamingos make it famous and most of the publicity is around these birds.

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Lake Turkana – Great Rift Valley

For desert wanderers and lake lovers!

This is the largest permanent desert lake on the planet. If you want to interact with indigenous communities, this is a place to be. Their culture is well preserved and of interest to many researchers. Situated in the northern rift valley, the landscape is also admirable. This place gives you a nice opportunity to experience the transition from grassland to desert.

Tsavo National Park

For the safari type!

The large park is home to a wide variety of animals including elephants, crocodiles and hippos who share the same rivers. It is made up of the Tsavo East and West parks making it one of Kenya’s largest protected zones. The landscape is diverse with swamps, hills, rapids, springs, rivers and lakes making it a ‘one-stop-shop’. Go for it!

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Kenya is a tourism friendly country with a lot of sites to offer and a well-developed tourism service chain. Take time to plan your trips and select where you want to go because there is a lot you can see and do. Of course, we at Sylgam will be available to give you tips if you need any advice. 

by Gameli Akakpo on September 10, 2018