Top places to visit in Ghana

Sylgam’s top Picks – Top places to visit in Ghana

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The coastal country of Ghana has several ecosystems including large rainforests in the south and short grasslands (savanna) in the north.

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Cape Coast & Elmina Castles

History freaks – here is your world!

The Cape Coast Castle was built in 1653 by the Swedes for Gold and Timber trade but later became key for slave trade. The dungeons in the castle are well preserved and reveal how slaves were kept and were moved onto ships. The Elmina castle is even older (built in 1482) and was also used for slavery too. The two castles are just 20 minutes from apart by Car.

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Cape Three Points

For the beach lovers!

This is a stunning beach and a best for those who want a serene and peaceful beach with not so many visitors. It has a long and not steep coast line with a beautiful lighthouse. It is a peninsula and the southernmost part of Ghana located between the Atlantic Ocean and a tick rainforest.  Oh and one important thing, it is the land nearest to the center of the world, which is 0 latitude, 0 longitude and 0 altitude.



City lovers and history freaks – you can share!

You could check out historical spots like Kwame Nkrumah memorial park W.E.B Dubois center and the independence arch. To explore the culture, you could also visit James town. Friday nights can be memorable for live band music lovers as many pubs like Afrikiko host exciting live band shows for free.

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Digya National Park

For river lovers, bird watchers and admirers of water life!

This park is along the enormous manmade Volta lake and home to elephants, crocodiles, otters, monkeys, eagle owls and numerous other bird species. The Digya and Obosom rivers curve around this park which also has forested areas, woodlands, streams and tall grass. This is the oldest protected area in Ghana, set up in 1900 and made a park in 1971.


Kakum National Park

Rainforest explorers – There is enough for you here!

The most famous activity here is the canopy walk about 30 meters above the floor and through the dense Kakum forest. This forest is home to more than 300 bird species, diverse monkey species, antelopes, a dense population of forest elephants amongst others. To spot wildlife it would be a good idea to spend a night at a good location in or close to the forest. Errm, if you love butterflies it’s a good place for you – sweet ha!

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Ada – Keta

Road trip, beach and river admirers – All in one!

Okay, so this is not one location but just an hour apart. Ada is at the estuary of the Volta river and the Atlantic Ocean, so it is nice for a river view and coastal all in one. About 30 minutes from it is a town called Keta, located between the Atlantic and a lagoon. Some of Ghana’s most beautiful beaches can be seen here including Dzita and Savietula where residents keep the beach very clean. If you are in luck, you can watch or assist the fishermen fish in the morning. Driving between the two water bodies is a wonderful experience. If you want to know more about Keta, check out our City history from Nunya tours.


Mole National Park

Safari people – You are home!

Established in 1964, it is fed by the Lovi and Mole rivers and is teeming with diverse plants and animals. The park is filled with hundreds of bird species, hippos, antelopes, hartebeests, buffalo, leopards, African wild dogs, baboons etc. This is the largest national wildlife park in Ghana.

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Wli Falls – Mount Afadjato – Tafi Atome

Great for rainforest explorers, waterfall admirers and mountain climbers!

You could devote a weekend to this amazing route. Wli is the highest waterfalls in West Africa and is in a rich forest zone between Ghana and Togo. Climbing mount Afadjato (885 metres) is a good idea if you want to have a Birdseye view of the surrounding villages or forest which is between Ghana and Togo. To round it up you could check out the monkey sanctuary at Tafi Atome.

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In summary!

Ghana has a lot to offer from beaches, rain forests with waterfalls to savannas with diverse wildlife. The beaches include crowded popular spots to serene and isolated locations. The forests welcome you with peaceful sounds of birds and rich nature. Oh wait, the savannah gives you a nice opportunity to experience an African style safari. This variety makes our picks exciting for both locals and visitors. Sylgam would advise you to make the trip.

by Gameli Akakpo on August 28, 2018