Top places to visit in Botswana

Sylgam’s top Picks – Top places to visit in Botswana

It all depends on what you want to do or see! Whether you are the safari type, lake/river/wetland admirer, biking freak, a desert ranger or a bird watcher. You could also be in love with archeology/history, interacting with indigenous communities, a city lover or the road trip type.

Check out recommendations from Sylgam.

Botswana Gaborone - Top places to visit in Botswana

Okavango Delta

For the safari type and wetland admirers!

This appears in most lists and that isn’t hard to understand. It is a beautiful and huge delta in the north of Botswana with a border to Namibia (a trip from Namibia’s Caprivi to Botswana’s Okavango is a good idea). The best way to experience this delta is to rent a traditional canoe which will meander through the beautiful waterways and allow you to encounter wildlife like elephants, zebra, wildebeest amongst others.

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Lake Ngami

For the lake lovers and bird watchers!

This lake is interesting for its story and great for bird watchers. It is reported to have dried up twice, a few years after 1849 (reappeared in 1962) and in 1982 (reappeared in 2000). Good rains in recent years have kept it teeming with life including flamingos, pelicans, eagles, gulls, kingfishers and other flocks of water birds.


Moremi Wildlife Reserve 

For the safari type and wetland admirers!

In the heart of the Okavango, Moremi is filled with canopy trees, grassland and a beautiful delta. That’s not all, the reserve is filled with a large variety of wildlife like elephants, wildebeests, hippos, giraffes, lions, leopards, antelopes and exotic birds. Oh, and wait a minute, it has many lagoons.

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Kalahari Desert

Desert rangers and anyone who wants to interact with indigenous communities!

This is a huge desert and if you want to save time go to ‘Central Kalahari’, some say it is simply too romantic to miss. With 52, 000 km2 it has fossilized river valleys and only 1000 residents from the Bushmen indigenous group. You can view zebra migrations between December and April. If you love Dunes and a not so populated tour, go for this.


Chobe National Park

For the safari type and river admirers!

If you like rivers you might want to see this place but that’s not all, predators are abundant here. You can check out the Chobe river front or the Linyanti marshes. If you want to see just plants, go for Savuti and camping there (Savuti) is cool with clear bright skies filled with stars. By the way, it is dreamland for elephant lovers and yeah, the sunset is iconic.

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Tsodilo Hills

For the archeology and history freaks!

Considered a sacred ground by indigenous San group, it is a home of beautiful artwork. Some of these are as much as 20,000 years old and UNESCO has named it a world heritage site. You will learn how the San people who have lived there for tens of thousands of years encountered animals. If you love paintings this is the best place to be.

Mashatu Game reserve

Bikers watch out!

It is obvious from the list that Botswana has a good supply of game reserves, well we have another one for you. The recommended activity here is different, Biking! The ride will give you a unique landscape experience, you can watch elephants and other wildlife or stop for nice photos. Camping here is also a good idea.

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Makgadikgadi Pans

For the safari type and history freaks!

This salt pan has a great history, it is believed to have been part of the great central Botswana lake millions of years ago. The Pans are ‘filled’ with predators, zebras, wildebeests and water birds when it rains. It is a nice place for those who want to see wildlife and love to know the history behind places.

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Gaborone to Okavango delta

Love cities and road trips – this is for you!

This pick is comprehensive, if you love city life you should check out the suburbs of Gaborone. Before leaving Gaborone, you could taste some nice street food or visit landmarks like Matsieng’s footprints. Travelling from Gaborone to the Okavango delta with a tour guide is a good idea but you could also rent a 4×4 car and check out nice places along the way.

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So, let’s round up!

Botswana offers diverse opportunities to experience wildlife, serenity, landscape and history all in one package. Whether you are from Botswana or a visitor, there is always something new to explore even outside this list. Sylgam encourages you to travel and see these places because you can experience nature and how perfect it can be.

by Gameli Akakpo on August 28, 2018