New year’s resolutions for travelers

During the first few weeks of a new year many people set targets and plan how to reach them. These targets can include new destinations for your next visit or getting to know your city better. Sylgam has compiled a list of resolutions which can help improve your travel life this year. These are realistic resolutions which can let you enjoy travel and get more from your time.

Desire to learn something new

Travel gives you opportunities to learn new words, cultures, history, places, meals and many more. Reading about these things online is not the same as experiencing them. It would be exciting to set yourself a target to learn about another part of your country, region or continent. This desire can be a motivation for you to visit that next place. In some of the new places you want to visit, they have different languages, and this leads us to the next point.

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Learn a new language

Okay! Let’s be realistic here, learning a new language is easier said than done. You could start with names of cities/towns you want to visit and meals you want to try. You can then read about the language online or enroll in a beginner course. When you visit that new city/country you could benefit by improving your language and visiting that nice place you planned to see. Your desire to travel and improve your understanding of the new language will serve as motivation to make that trip. To make all these possible you need money, as explained in the next point.

Save money to travel

Saving money for your next trip can be easier if you choose places you are highly interested in visiting. It is useful to motivate yourself to the extent that you make that trip one of your core targets for the year. You can use a new savings account or resort to any method that can work for you. To know how much you need to save, you should check transportation, accommodation, feeding and park costs. It is best to save at least 10-25% above what you find online, as this will take care of any unforeseen expenses.

Try Solo trips

Solo trips help you develop important skills any traveler needs. These include navigation, enjoying completely new meals and making friends. On a solo trip you do these alone and that helps you develop these skills the hard. It is advisable to complete at least one solo trip per year. While traveling this way you also get the chance to deeply reflect on many things from the past and things you see on your trip. You are under no obligation to wait for anyone or plan activities according to desires of a group and this means you can also learn to spontaneous without getting chaotic 😊. This leads us to the next resolution which advises us to be spontaneous.

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Be spontaneous

Travel isn’t meant to produce stress at all! It is supposed to be fun help you know more about the world. Two things to prevent are no planning which leads to chaos and too much planning which leads to unrealistic expectations. You can book your transportation and hotel far in advance but leave room to maneuver with regards to meals to eat, when to visit parks or when to meet people. To make this easier you can make a checklist of things you have to do before or during the trip and assign a deadline to urgent tasks like booking a flight.

Plan to visit a unique or exotic place

Another ambition which can serve as a motivation and reinforce the resolutions mentioned above is a plan to visit a place of your dreams. If you live on the Atlantic coast you could plan a trip to an Indian ocean beach. For people who have not experienced a desert, you could plan a trip to the Sahara or the Namib. Maybe you have never experienced a safari, you can do that this year. The plan is for you to travel somewhere and do something different. Just get the wonderful first-time experience 😊.

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Traveling helps you to learn new things and re-energize for work. It is helpful to include it in your plans for the year if you want to enjoy it and learn new stuff at the same time. At Sylgam we believe traveling should be part of our lives and we encourage readers to explore the many beautiful things of this world. It will surely help you to understand the world better, reduce stress related to insufficient cultural competence and help you be at ease with behaviors which are common to certain cultures but alien to you. Include travels in your plan and enjoy the life of an explorer.

by Gameli Akakpo on January 7, 2019