Importance of Vacations

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After working hard for several months, a vacation is a nice way to reward oneself. It helps reduce stress, provides new perspectives and other benefits explained in this post. Sylgam knocked together a couple of reasons why vacations are a good idea.

Reduced Stress

Break the stress cycle!

A Vacation is meant to take you away from everyday tasks and provide you a new experience. It is true that planning a vacation can cost a lot of time and effort but believe me, it is worth it. Escaping from everyday stress at work and going somewhere away from town alone, with family or friends helps you reduce the stress that comes with your ‘everyday work’. It is better to plan a vacation well to avoid ‘headaches’ and aim for a fun time away from monotony (check our post on how to plan stress free vacations).

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New Perspectives

See things differently!

Vacations provide you an opportunity to see new places, learn new cultures and meet new people. These are valuable experiences because they cure ignorance and helps you understand other people better. These perspectives are important for our mental growth because it gives us new ideas. Seeing that rich, untouched forest close to a road with scenic views gives you that idea of how the world can be beautiful. Listening to that new language from people can help you understand what you have in common.

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Understanding yourself

Know more about your culture and promote it!

Meeting people while on vacations gives you a chance to explain things about yourself and your culture. When you travel you become a marketer of yourself and your culture, in short, you become a storyteller. Instead of relying on TV documentaries and news stories, many people are interested in learning about your culture from you. You may be one person, but your explanation of your language, food, history, and other unique attributes is really appreciated by others. These explanations you provide makes you reflect on your culture, how it relates to others and many positives things you could have.

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Build stronger bonds

Doing something different together!

Going away to a new location with your loved ones gives you time to yourselves. During a vacation, you are ‘escaping’ the hustle and bustle of your regular home to spend time with your loved one alone and give enough time to ‘reset’ for the future. Coming back from work or school, you may be stressed and not ready to spend quality time with your loved one. You may only want to do what is necessary but on a vacation, you have a lot of ‘Us’ or ‘We’ time to pursue adventure together and relax.

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Develop planning skills

Finding the right spot/activity can be fun!

Every country has options for places you could visit, but it all depends on what you want to experience on your next trip. Finding that perfect spot may take a bit of online research, calls to hotels/guides, agreeing the best location with your partner or forecasting how much you would need. If you are organizing the trip without a tour agent, the learning could even be more. It is up to you to find the best routes, arrange activities and even think about the meals for the kids. This skill is worth developing and it gets better with more vacations. For tips on how to plan well for trips, check out our blog post on how to plan stress-free vacations.

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We all need vacations sometime every year to help us enjoy, relax and learn without any pressure. These trips could be in your home country (check our article on that), abroad or even visiting places just a short-day driving distance from you. At Sylgam we believe, it is necessary to reset and leave our monotonous environment to appreciate the beauty of nature and culture. We encourage you to create a bucket list of destinations you wish to visit and things you want to do and get them done. You deserve a stress-free vacation.

by Gameli Akakpo on September 17, 2018