Travel at Home

Reasons why you should travel in your home Country.


Many people admire beautiful photos of exotic locations on social media and ‘dream’ of visiting these places one day. The interesting thing is that if you check your own country online you may see one of those beautiful locations, but you imagine some barriers. You think of the cost, transport or remember reading about the place in school (boring), and some just say okay I go there and see it and what happens? Well these are all real questions but the first way to deal with these could be simple, start with your home country or where you currently live.

Let’s see what Sylgam thinks are the real reasons why travelling in your home country is a good idea.

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Appreciate your country

The beauty of your country is right before you!

The next waterfall, lake, hiking route, clean beach etc. may just be an hour or two away. You may be able to make a return trip in one day. The feeling of having that nice coastal hotel, beach road or wildlife park can help you realize the treasures you have and cause you to revisit multiple times. Every country has beautiful things to offer, if people travel from far and near to see them, you can also do it. Just know there is always more to discover!

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Not that time consuming

Less travel time, more vacation time!

You don’t need to spend time on appointments for visa and vaccinations or you may not need to check numerous flights for the best deal. Visiting that refreshing place over the weekend or holiday can be valuable time spent. Oh, and when going about it, feel free and feel no stress. Long weekends can be rewarding if you just want to visit that spot 20 – 30 kilometers away, go alone or with your loved one and explore your country. It’s yours to explore anyways, why not go for it?


Get to visit and know new people

Connect, reconnect and expand your local network!

Remember that high school mate of yours? He now lives close to that town on your bucket list, just call him/her and set up a visit. Travelling in your country helps you reconnect with those friends and make new ones. You get to be a more complete person because you understand other cultures and know what they eat, value and even think about you. Oh, by the way, you could cut down your cost by spending the night at that friends place or asking for recommendations on the best hotel.

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It’s affordable

You don’t need a big wallet!

Say bye to flight tickets, visa fees, vaccinations and exchange rate troubles. It is also likely that you know where to get great prices for food if you ask the right people and if you are lucky to understand the local language then good for you. Depending on the distance you want to travel, local flight tickets may be needed but the cost is still competitive. Going by car is not a bad option especially if done as a road trip and if well planned.


Easy transport

Grab some fun!

Okay! So, if you don’t have a car and do not want to use public transport you need not worry. Ask a travel guide, there are many of them online. You can even organize something with your friends, errm like a girl’s weekend, old school trip or a weekend for men, sounds fun ha? If you have numbers getting a vehicle and fueling it can be incredibly affordable and you still have comfort and all the time you want. If you want to drive yourself or use public transport it’s still a good option, check online and you will find nice info on routes, when best to leave home to avoid traffic etc.

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Know more about your country

Understanding your own country is important!

You may have had numerous history lessons, read books or watched hours of documentaries but seeing for yourself is a unique experience. Visit the important towns, know more about the ‘nature’ and visit that city you have always read about in the history books. Seeing these places and knowing its relationship with your hometown or where you currently live can help you understand the country better.


There is more than you know

Explore and discover!

You never know what your country has to offer until you go to that new city, district or county. What about going out to that mystery town you read about and seeing many villages and town on your way. It could also be some meals you have heard off, taste it from that region where it comes from and you will know the difference. Be humble and take time to look for new places or things and you will know just how much new experiences you can get.

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Travelling in your home country can give you the refreshing feeling of a travel at a better cost and with greater ease. This article is not underestimating the use of travelling abroad, that is also important and needed. In your own country you are not likely to face the barriers named in this article and you will get around easier. It even gets you addicted because you achieve more with less money.

Sylgam advices you to explore your country because it’s yours to explore.

by Gameli Akakpo on August 30, 2018