Great spots for your African New Year’s Eve

On 31st December there are usually great parties in many parts of the continent. Activities include fireworks, street carnivals and religious ‘watch-night’ services. Sylgam has selected some cities with well-known parties and a special New Year’s feeling.

Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe) – Vic Falls Festival

You can be part of a carnival with lots of music and diverse food. Several thousands of people visit this carnival each year and witness many music artistes showcase their talents. Maybe you just want to see and feel the mighty Zambezi river and Victoria falls, there is still lots of water and activities to enjoy. You can have some fun with bungee jumping and white-water rafting or get an iconic selfie at the tip of the water fall.

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Kilifi New Year – Mombasa

The 4-day music festival is popular with many tourists and locals. Kilifi is located between the Mombasa and the town of Malindi on the Kenyan coast. You will get the chance to see numerous artistes perform reggae and other genres of music. Items like beads and other African merchandise can be bought at affordable prices at this festival. If you find some extra time you can sneak to the coasts of Malindi or Mombasa and experience the Indian ocean beaches of Kenya.

Cape Town

This is a well-developed tourism hotspot with many activities for New Year’s Eve. There are numerous concerts and jazz events with open doors just before midnight. The city hosts a carnival that attracts around a 100, 000 people with lots of music, food and entertainment events on show. You may want to check out the V&A waterfront where the whole family can experience good music and fireworks.

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This is the most populous city on the continent and it offers a ‘populous’ 😉 variety of parties. Let’s mention just a few of them. First you could get a boat ride on the Lagos lagoon if you want a bit of cruise experience. On this cruise you can catch a glimpse of the fireworks around the city. Secondly, you could join the party at Quilox and Bar beach for an action-packed countdown. Thirdly, you can opt for one of the many exhibitions around the city and experience brilliant art. Oh, you probably want to see the ‘One Lagos’ Fiesta’ good idea.


If you prefer a beach party with offers for both parties and a ‘lazy’ reflection into the new year Maputo us a good choice. There are many interesting pubs with the traditional ‘tipo tinto’ rum which you can enjoy and countdown with others in this well-populated and action-packed city. For Island lovers, the Inhaca offers you that serene beach experience which can help you dream and plan a visionary new year 😊.

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 As you may have noticed from the list, there are parties everywhere on the continent during New Year’s Eve. One other big list of events not on the list are the numerous watch-night services virtually in every city and town. The end of the year is a time to show appreciation get together and be grateful for one’s life and that of their friends. Celebration is a good idea and if you are looking to travel for this day this list provides options to choose from.

by Gameli Akakpo on December 27, 2018