Ideas for an Easter Vacation

At Sylgam we believe Easter is that perfect opportunity for a multi-day vacation without the need to take days off from work. With Friday and Monday holidays in many Countries you can travel without using up your leave days. In this article we will provide some hints about what you could do for Easter.

Visit a Wildlife Park

For large Parks reserving several days for your visit would be helpful. To have a better chance of seeing most of the top wild animals and unique places it is advisable to stay 2-3 nights. With this you can enjoy multiple game drives, sunrises and sunsets which are all periods of unique wildlife activity. The numerous large parks in Botswana, Kenya and Tanzania are highly recommended for such activities.

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Coastal Getaways

For 4 days, you could choose a coastal stretch which has a lot to offer including crowded party beaches and secluded mangroves. On such a trip it is best to reserve the first few days for some secluded beaches and use Easter Sunday or Monday for a beach party or picnic. The Ghanaian and Kenyan coasts are highly recommended for such coastal multi-day trips.

Desert Stays

Here, at sunrise and sunset, the rays of the sun give the large piles of sand (dunes) a unique colour which will impress you. You can quadbike or see some wild animals. Yes, wild animals in the desert! At night you can sit near a camp fire and view the clear skies with bright stars. The Kalahari and Namib deserts are highly recommended for Easter.

Day Trips

On Easter Monday it is usual to take a day trip to the coast, dunes, mountains or anywhere for some hiking and physical activity. It is best to travel no more than 4 hours and reserve 5-6 hours for all the activities at the destination. For those who are busy with religious activities over the Easter weekend, this is a day to enjoy the time off work and refresh before the working week begins on Tuesday.

Staycation with Picnic

If you want to reserve all the fun for Easter Monday, you could stay in your city/town and go for a picnic at a nearby park, beach or public place. On such a day amusement parks, beaches and gardens are usually crowded with people looking to enjoy their meals and participate in some sporting activity alongside. It would be a good idea to participate in a sporting competition this day and make some new friends in the process.

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Easter is an opportunity you can use for that vacation you could not make over Christmas or New Year. The list provided in this article could also include Eco-Holidays where you go to an ecologically friendly accommodation, cool off and cut off disturbing communication for days. Our desire at Sylgam is to witness people explore the world with significant freedom without skipping work or emptying their wallets. During Easter there are many trips you can organize yourself or take from tour firms. Make good use of this super-long weekend.

by Gameli Akakpo on March 30, 2019