Visit Cape Coast in Ghana

Some choose to visit places to relax, get peace of mind and that ‘me-time’. Some also visit places to learn about the history of the people. Cape Coast brings all these together. Most people visit the town to get a view of the Castle and learn about its important role in the history of Africans. In this blogpost Sylgam will focus on the reasons why you should visit Cape Coast.

Cape Coast and Elmina Castles

These are important relics of the past trade activities in the Gold Coast (former name of Ghana). Most of the trade here was of slaves and this unfortunate activity went on for centuries. A visit to at least one of these two castles is recommended for every resident of Ghana and those who visit the country. A guided tour of the over 500-year old buildings will take you to rooms where African slaves were kept before they were shipped out to the Americas.

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Restaurants and Resorts

Cape Coast is filled with many restaurants and beach resorts (hotels) with easy access to the ocean. Some of them clean their beaches everyday so there is a good chance you will see relatively clean sands. After visiting the castles and Kakum you can relax along the beach and get a meal or join some of the young people playing football or volleyball along the coast. For an overnight stay, jogging along the beach is nice and at night you can view the fishing canoes with their lights on the sea.

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Kakum National Game Reserve

This is an exciting place to visit! It is well known for the famous 350-meter canopy walkway which is 40 meters above a thick rainforest. A hike to the canopy is a good 20-minute exercise for any nature lover. The highlight is an exciting walk on the strong but ‘scary’ suspending walk way which is supported by tough ropes and some steel. Avoid looking downwards if you fear heights 😊. An overnight stay in the tree houses is recommended for birdwatchers and those who want to spot some of the abundant wildlife in the reserve.

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This area is known for its well-preserved culture including more than 30 festivals. One of the most popular festivals is the Oguaa Fetu Afahye which is usually held in September. During the festivals, traditional rulers grace events and display well preserved garments and sculptures. They dance and sacrifice to the gods. It is an opportunity for young people to stage masquerade events and take part in other entertainment activities. It is recommended opportunity for those who want to know more about pre-independence culture of the Cape Coast people.

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Cape Coast is known to be a hot-spot for most visitors to Ghana. That is easy to understand considering the rich history visitors are likely to encounter. A day visit from Accra would be enough if you want to visit a Castle and hike in Kakum. Otherwise reserving 2-3 days is recommended if you want to have time and digest the history plus visit other places not named in this article, such as the Hanns Cottage Crocodile Pond, the Stingless Bee Centre and the Assin Manso Slave Market.

Cape Coast is just around 3 hours from Accra and there are many offers from Tour providers like Sylgam on TripAdvisor or Viator and Expedia. You can book online or directly organise with any of the tour providers for a comfortable and guided tour. Alternatively, you could go there yourself with public transport from Accra by joining any of the mini-buses that leave at regular intervals.

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by Gameli Akakpo on November 13, 2019