African Islands for your next Vacation

In this blog post Sylgam presents a selection of islands you could visit on your next vacation. An African vacation isn’t only about Safaris. There are many tropical islands with all to offer from white sand beaches to green beautiful rainforest hideouts you may have seen in a movie or two. With the Atlantic Ocean to the left and the Indian Ocean to the right of the continent, both sides are endowed with tropical islands that can give you the refreshing vacation you have always wanted.


This is a well-known travel destination with a lot to offer people looking for some luxury. It is known for its top beach resorts, white sand beaches and scuba-diving spots. Mauritius is endowed with a good variety of wildlife and is ideal for those who want to get a luxury holiday and experience a multi-cultural society. Its diverse population is made up of inhabitants of African, European and Indian decent. Some say it is the best spot for honeymooners!

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Cape Verde

Let’s go to the west, to the Atlantic, off the coast of Senegal! This Island is one of the most popular destinations for African island lovers. Cape Verde is made up of a few Islands and is well known for its coloured houses and scenic beaches. The most popular island there is Sal and the main town is Santa Maria which is well-known for its vibrant nightlife.


Now to the East and in the Indian Ocean, you can’t write about African Islands without mentioning Zanzibar! With an attractive Stone Town full of history, Zanzibar is a perfect place for people who want to experience trade history and culture all on one island. The Arabic, Italian and Swahili mix is evident in the population, food and way of life. The white sand beaches and turquoise sea make it a haven for those who want to have some of the best island pictures for their travel albums.

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Sao Tome

From the west let’s go central and close to the Equator! Sao Tome is the largest island of Sao Tome and Principe. Compared to Zanzibar, Cape Verde and Mauritius, Sao Tome is less crowded, so you will have a lot of space to yourself. You can take your time and explore the isolated beaches after diving or snorkelling. You can relax and bird-watch or get active with some water sports. Don’t forget their unique coffee and chocolates.


This is made up of about (some come and go depending on tides) 155 islands. Our top pick is Praslin which is the second largest island and is known for its merchant and pirate past. Today, hotels and resorts beautify the coast. It is well known for the beautiful mix of white sands, rich forests and clear waters. We recommend you visit the other islands like Mahe and La Digue for more views of this memorable location.

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Narrowing this list down to five is not an easy task because there are many other islands which are equally beautiful. In this list we have selected islands well distributed around the continent with options from central, east, south and west of Africa. At Sylgam we believe island vacations are special because of the beautiful isolated locations and the unlimited opportunities they offer for a sensational and dream filled holiday. If you a fan of beaches, check these out and if you love rainforests you can also go for it.

by Gameli Akakpo on June 09, 2019